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SmB Cafe April 2023 and LASERgame!

Thursday the 13th

We got a surprise for you: This month's café will be in PLNT and you can expect the cool speakers and drinks as usual BUT the location PLNT will host a Lasergame that day and invited the guests to participate! So get ready to fire up the lasergun after our speaker session. Don't miss out!

* Photo by Maximalfocus from Unsplash



IMcoMET - Immunotherapy via the control of the microenvironment

Varsha Thakoersing

Dr. Varsha Thakoersing is the CEO of IMcoMET. They have developed a technology that allows access and control of fluid around cells, called interstitial fluid. This fluid contains many biomarkers that provide detailed information about both the local tissue condition and general health status of an individual.  

They are integrating our M-Duo Technology® into a set of tools to improve skin cancer diagnostics and skin cancer research to drive personalized medicine and biomedical research forward. Both with the ultimate goal to improve therapy outcomes for skin cancer patients.


Avivobio - breaking the bloodtype barrier for organ donations

Peter Rahfeld - Avivobio

Dr. Peter Rahfeld is the CSO and co-founder of Avivobio, a canadian startup that focuses on removing the blood-type barrier in organ donations. As anyone who has donated blood before knows, there are different types and not everyone can get everyone's blood. The case is even more severe in organ donation, where the donor has to be selected carefully to not be rejected by the body. In their company, they develop technology to make organs and blood more accepted by recipients.  


Next generation diagnostic wearables

Alina Rwei

Dr. Alina Rwei is a researcher at TU Delft with a focus on engineering new diagnostic tools and wearables. She obtained her PhD in material sciences at MIT and has since switched to the department of chemical engineering at TU Delft to form her own group. She will be excited to tell you about how she ended up at chemical engineering, what devices she envisions us to wear and how she involves her family in her research.


Network through a game of lasers!

Lasergaming at PLNT's bottom floor

In the near future the ground floor of Langegracht 70 will also be part of PLNT. Space for new offices and a space for creators, but before the rebuild will go full throttle, WE will be able to go full throttle with a game of lasers!

So grab your opportunity to fire at your colleagues, friends, newest acquaintances, rivals or future business partners and network like you've never networked before!

Of course you may also enjoy our promised free drinks. ;)


Let us know if you'll be there!

Attendance to Science meets Business events is free of charge. However, in order to know how many seats, drinks and snacks we should provide, we would like to know how many people to expect. This is why we kindly request you register for the events if you are joining, and please let us know if you will no longer be able to attend (no hard feelings). See you soon!

Note (Photos): By attending this event you are accepting that photos will be taken and might be used for promotional purposes. Please contact us if you object to this.

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Location & Time

PLNT Leiden

Langegracht 70

2312 NV Leiden


17:30 Walk-in

18:00 Start speakers

19:00 Laser game and networking drinks

20:30 End

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