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SmB x Leiden2022 Special: The Past, Present & Future of the Artificial Kidney

Thursday March 10th

This March we will be kicking off our post COVID series with a special cafe themed by the Leiden 2022 Agenda: The (Artificial) Kidney!

We are excited to be hosting the event at the holder of two historical artificial kidneys: Rijksmuseum Boerhaave.

Our three speakers will represent the past, present and future of the artificial kidney.

How have we been and will we be saving millions of lives with science?

Join us to find out!

Can't make it physically? Join the livestream via:



The Past: Thinkers, doers and venturers!

Bart Grob - Curator Contemporary Collections

Imagine that you're confronted with a impossible to solve problem? What would you do?

Would you lean back and accept the situation as it is or do you step up and use all your skills and energy to find a solution?

The life and work of the Dutch inventor of the artificial kidney, Willem Kollff reads like a adventure novel. His lifelong research and development in the field of artificial organs and the difficulties and critique he had to overcome is still an inspiration for nowadays scientists and entrepreneurs.

Showcasing an early Kolff artificial kidney, curator Bart Grob will reflect on the impact, importance and relevance of Willem Kolffs achievements.


The Present: Moving artificial kidneys from hospital to home

Jasper Boomker

The advent of the artificial kidney enabled hemodialysis treatment -a method of blood cleansing- for patients with chronic kidney disease. Today, over 2 million people worldwide can live with kidney failure because they can be dialysed 3 times 4 hours per week. Although lifesaving on the short term, hemodialysis is burdensome and has great impact on patients’ well-being and social life.  Unfortunately, the technique has barely changed over the last decades and patients are raising their voice, calling for more and expedited innovations that improve the quality of life on dialysis. Jasper Boomker, program manager innovation at the Dutch Kidney Foundation, will talk about how patients, doctors and engineers jointly shape the future of dialysis. Starting with enabling more dialysis at home and advancing the dialysis technique towards portable, and later implantable (bio-)artificial kidneys.


The Future: Personalized bioengineered kidneys?

Marlon de Haan & Asel Arykbaeva

Marlon and Asel will represent the future of kidney replacement, going into his research on working towards personlized bioengineered kidneys & preservation and quality of donor kidneys using a new technique called normothermic machine perfusion.


Let us know if you'll be there!

Attendance to Science meets Business events is free of charge. However, in order to know how many seats, drinks and snacks we should provide, we would like to know how many people to expect. This is why we kindly request you register for the events if you are joining, and please let us know if you will no longer be able to attend (no hard feelings). See you soon!

Note 1 (COVID): Please make sure you have a valid QR-code!

Note 2 (Photos): By attending this event you are accepting that photos will be taken and might be used for promotional purposes. Please contact us if you object to this.

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Location & Time

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave

Lange St. Agnietenstraat 10

2312 WC Leiden


17:00 Walk-in

17:30 Start Programme

18:30 Networking Drinks

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