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Collaboration with Venture Cafe Rotterdam

April 1st 2021

We've missed you guys and have decided to start up again online. Collaborating with Venture Cafe Rotterdam, who has similar goals to our and has shown that networking can be done in a fun way online as well, we will dive into Innovation and Collaboration, giving the podium to initiatives and companies that are making a difference through collaboration in the greater Rotterdam and Leiden area.

Keep an eye on our socials for the info on how to join!



R&D Quality without the hassle

Max Green (Founder & Technical Director)

The whole bioscience industry still relies on 'pen to paper' or 'finger to keyboard'documentation for Research and Development processes. Although this is unavoidable due to the large amount of human dependent tasks in these processes, it does significantly impact downstream processes like Quality Assurance and investment decision making.

Panorama Laboratories is building a suite of sensors that digitally documents the actions that require human interaction. This suite of sensors will enable the fastest possible reaction times to errors and allow for our AI to compile quality related documentation for these human dependent actions.


Cloud computing for Life Sciences

Berry Kriesels (Founder & CEO)

Omnigen is aiming to use biological knowledge and research in a positive and useful way for society. We do this by, for example, bring the results of scientific research closer to the broad public. We also develop methods to make the treatment of illnesses better and more efficient and we do research to accelerate and professionalize the development of partners.


Developing a corona vaccine within a year

Ingrid de Visser-Kamerling (Associate Director CHDR)

After a year of development, on March 11th the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine was approved in the European Union. The rapid development of the vaccine shows the power of collaborations. In Februari 2020, just after the outbreak of Sars-Voc-2, Janssen started a collaboration with the Leiden University to investigate the, at that point in time, 10 candidates. After successful identification of the vaccine-candidate, Janssen, LUMC and the Center for Human Drug Research teamed up in September 2020 to design and execute the phase 2a trial to determine the optimal vaccination dose and schedule.

At the LSH010-SmB Cafe, Ingrid de Visser-Kamerling, Associate director at the Centre for Human Drug Research, will give an insight into the research and development of the Janssen Vaccine. Additionally she will highlight the challenges that were overcome during the development that made it possible to rapidly develop a vaccine.


Let us know if you'll be there!

Attendance to this event is - as always - free! This time please register via the Venture Cafe Eventbrite. If you would like to stay up to date of our events, please sign up for the newsletter or follow our socials!

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Location & Time

Remo (online, Venture Cafe)

See link after registerring!

Digital walk-in as of anytime after 14:00. Please set-up your Remo-profile in time to optimally utilize the networking opportunities and discover the online environment.

16:00 Start programme and speakers

17:00 Networking

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