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SmB Cafe February 2020

Thursday the 13th

After the holiday season we will be back with science and business inspiration and networking you were lacking. Looking forward to welcoming everyone again!



Space tech for dating

Early December 2019, the startup feverr won the Galileo Masters Netherlands Challenge during European Space Week in Helsinki. The team behind feverr impressively accepted this prestigious prize for innovative applications of satellite navigation data while still in process of developing a navigation technology that enables the users of their dating app to meet up safely. To make sure the users will take the safest route to meet up with their match, feverr has teamed up with ESA to achieve that safety. The dating app, which launches this upcoming summer, will allow its users to meet face to face immediately without swiping or chatting online first. (Source:


Digital receipt technology

Arian Khoshchin

At Bonnie, we've created the worlds first digital receipt technology platform that integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems. Bonnie is designed to be plug and play compatible with almost all registers. Bonnie does not require an internet connection or software integration to function and is 100% secure and easy to implement in delivering digital receipts.


Pancreas 3D culturing

Marten Hornsveld (PostDoc)

As a signal transduction expert, my research aims to understand inter-cellular signaling between cancer and healthy cells and how to apply this knowledge to create therapeutic strategies. I focus on the role of TGFß-signaling in the stroma of pancreatic cancer as this pathway is heavily involved in stimulating fibroblasts to associate with cancers (CAFs) and support tumor survival and progression. To do so, I established a 3D co-culture system of patient derived pancreatic tumor organoids with pancreatic stellate cells (PSC) and use this system to study TGFß mediated effects in growth factor signaling and metabolic activity in both PSCs and cancer cells.


Let us know if you'll be there!

Attendance to Science meets Business events is free of charge. However, in order to know how many seats, drinks and snacks we should provide, we would like to know how many people to expect. This is why we kindly request you register for the events if you are joining, and please let us know if you will no longer be able to attend (no hard feelings). See you soon!

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Location & Time

Foyer BioPartner 1

J.H. Oortweg 21

2333 CH Leiden


17:00 Walk-in

17:30 Start speakers

18:30 Networking Drinks

20:00 End

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