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Leiden Loves Science 2019

Thursday February 14th

Look no further. We have an exciting alternative for Valentine’s day. One that will fill your heart with Leiden’s love for science and arts. This year’s honorary doctor, Australian professor Melissa Little, as well as world-renowned Leiden-based professor Christine Mummery will share their love of stem cells and regenerative medicine with you. Of course many others from Leiden University will share their enthusiasm for topics like Egypt, Europe, the human brain and space. Come and meet professors, scientists and art lovers and get enthused, surprised and curious what Leiden, City of Discoveries, has to offer.



General programme

Leiden Loves Science

In the Tempelzaal we will bring Egypt a bit closer to you and share stories and discussions on how organs like heart and kidney can develop from stem cells. Young scholars will be at your disposal to explain and discuss a permanent exhibition of scientific art, based on Nobel prize winning topics. Our bars are open so you can have a drink, a small snack, a chat and perhaps meet your Valentine. Our mystery room, the Trajanuszaal, will open at certain times and allow a small group of people to meet our mystery guest or mystery discovery.

Young science-based entrepreneurs will share their passion in a science meets business café setting. Perhaps they will even show you their inventions. Furthermore, scientists from all faculties of University Leiden will speak in the Leemanszaal about their love of science. For example, professor Judi Mesman who studies diversity in parenting, will share how her interest came to be. At all times you are welcome to ask for explanations or start a discussion with the scientists you heard present and with all people in a Leiden Loves Science t-shirt.


Come and join the fun!

Source: Studium Generale


Providing solutions as a solution

Niall Hodgins

Niall Hodgins, co-founder of Seranovo, will share his story on how he started a business based the NADES technology.


Let us know if you'll be there!

Just like other SmB events, attendance to Leiden Loves Science (LLS) is free of charge. No registration for LLS is required, however, since - unlike our usual bar - this bar will not be open, we would like to offer our SmB enthusiasts A DRINK ON US! If you register, you can come and collect your coupon at our SmB corner by showing your registration (or ID). See you there!

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Location & Time

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Rapenburg 28

2311 EW Leiden

Free entry


18.30 - 22:00

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