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SmB Cafe December 2018

Thursday the 13th

Corny or not: time flies when you're having fun! This will be the last Cafe of 2018 already. We have had a lot of awesome speakers, developments and discussions last year and the last one will not provide any less. Let's go out with a bang before we completely dive into the December holiday spirit. See you then!



One cell to change the world

Daan Luining

Meatable makes 100% real, delicious, guilt-free meat. With one cell, we are revolutionizing the meat industry's impact on climate change and animal welfare. At the same time we increase food security, without compromising the culinary experience of eating tasty, real meat.


Check your bacteria and discover how your body is doing

Derek Butler

MyMicroZoo helps people to gain insight into their own bacterial gut content, the microbiota. The services provided by MyMicroZoo™ allow consumers to compare their gut bacteria with others and also to understand the effect changes in lifestyle, diet and sports activity have on the gut bacteria population.


Cellular Vesicles as Trojan Horse to Deliver Gene Therapeutics

Jeroen de Vrij

Cells of our human body secrete tiny vesicles, called exosomes, with powerful properties to deliver biological payload over long distances. ExoVectory (spin-out from the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) uses unique packaging technology to load exosomes with therapeutic DNA. Proofs-of-concept have been obtained for cancer treatment, including deep delivery towards glioblastoma cells into the brain. Incredibly long DNA constructs can be delivered, including full genomes of cancer-killing (oncolytic) viruses. ExoVectory’s ability to incorporate long DNA also opens unique opportunities in the field of genome engineering, enabling better delivery of molecular scissor tools, such as CRISPR-Cas. ExoVectory’s mission is to translate its technology towards improved treatment of cancers and genetic diseases.


Let us know if you'll be there!

Attendance to Science meets Business events is free of charge. However, in order to know how many seats, drinks and snacks we should provide, we would like to know how many people to expect. This is why we kindly request you register for the events if you are joining, and please let us know if you will no longer be able to attend (no hard feelings). See you soon!

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Location & Time

Foyer BioPartner 1

J.H. Oortweg 21

2333 CH Leiden


17:00 Walk-in

17:30 Start speakers

18:30 Networking Drinks

20:00 End

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