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SmB Cafe May 2018

Thursday the 17th

This month, due to Ascension Day, our cafe will not be on the regular second Thursday of the month, but on the third Thursday, May 17th. After an awesome special at HUBspot last April 17th, we will return to BioPartner 1 for the May Cafe with three speakers on the subjects of science and business. This month with an exciting bunch of young entrepreneurs. Claim your (free) spot now!



iGEM: Discovering Bacteria Stressing Cells

Laurens ter Haar

This year the iGEM Leiden team will try to create a library of reporters that respond to stresses in different cellular pathways, by fusing stress-induced promoters to pigmented chromoproteins in E. coli. In this manner, stress-inducing compounds can be discovered with greater ease and developed for application in combination therapy, aimed at inducing synthetic lethality and countering antimicrobial resistance.


Hercules Pharmaceuticals

Bart Wuurman

As multiple entrepreneur and pharmaceutical scientist, Bart Wuurman has been instrumental to the successful exits of biotech companies Lanthio Pharma and AM-Pharma in The Netherlands and Antisoma in the United Kingdom. He was involved with raising approximately € 80 million in equity funding. Before becoming CEO, Bart was VP Business Development and Licensing for Antisoma plc and Medeva plc in the United Kingdom, where he was responsible for out-licensing deals worth over €700 million.


Delft Hyperloop Team: Introducting Atlas

Thymo Vlot

Since the release of the Hyperloop white-paper by Elon Musk the interest in the Hyperloop concept skyrocketed. The idea is to travel in a low pressure tube, reducing air resistance, through which transport will become cheaper, more efficient and faster.

Students all over the world are challenged by SpaceX to compete in the Hyperloop competition. SpaceX builds a half-size tube, students build a half-size pod. Doing this, the development of the Hyperloop concept will get an enormous boost and the realization of the Hyperloop will get closer every day!


Let us know if you'll be there!

Attendance to Science meets Business events is free of charge. However, in order to know how many seats, drinks and snacks we should provide, we would like to know how many people to expect. This is why we kindly request you register for the events if you are joining, and please let us know if you will no longer be able to attend (no hard feelings). See you soon!

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Location & Time

Foyer BioPartner 1

J.H. Oortweg 21

2333 CH Leiden


17:00 Walk-in

17:30 Start speakers

18:30 Networking Drinks

20:00 End

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