SmB 32: SmB café 10th December

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On the 10th of Decmber, three inspiring speakers closed off the winter season 2015 of the Science meets Business café. Filterless and Galapagos presented their work in pre-clinal durg discovery and the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science explained how analazing structure in data could help with drug discovery.

Call to Action – Filterless, Sander van Boom
Filterless is a young start-up founded by student entrepreneurs: Sander van Boom and Rick Overkleeft. Operating from the Leiden student entrepreneurs association Lugus, Sander and Rick are working on a suite that can perform high-throughput image analysis on cell lines by using bioinformatics. Their technique enables customers to link imaging data to databases and results published in journals. Combining results with linked date would speed up the process of analyzing large numbers of images or big data files. Filterless is now focusing on cell imaging to bring a stable product to the market, but they already see potential in expanding their product for example to screen zebrafish embryos. They sell their product in two different ways. One, by selling license to their software and two, via SaaS, a way in which the customers pays per analysis. They hope that via SaaS, people will be more willing to try out their product and eventually buy the license when they are satisfied with the results.

BioPartner update – Galapagos, Dr. Andre Hoekma
Andre Hoekma, senior vice president of Galapagos has given us insights in the 17 years long timeline of Galapagos and referred to it as a game of “mens erger je niet” or “Ludo”. Galapagos has developed a technique to identify target genes for drug developments. Initially, they wanted to sell their target to pharmaceutical companies. But they weren’t interested at all. When Galapagos identified JAK1, a gene which had potential as a target for osteo-arthritis, they found an interested partner and started the drug development. The interesting part in here is that Galapagos had an alliance model which was based on milestone payment. During development, their partner would invest money each time a certain milestone was achieved. This was also beneficial for the partner, because it only paid when Galapagos came with results. Just before Galapagos wanted to start the phase 1 trial, their partner backed out, and they were where they left off again. Over time Galapagos had to deal with a lot of these draw-back of partner backing out. However, the protein was still in development and Galapagos had maintain all rights. Now 15 years later, Galapagos is teaming up with interesting partners and hopes to continue the trial phases and eventually develop a cure for arthritis.

Making Pigs Fly – LIACS, Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen
Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, a senior professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, has talked about “patterns that matter”. As a researcher at the Leiden University, he has lots of contacts with companies as BMW and KLM, but also at psychology institutes. Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen studies big data and uses pattern-based modelling to find patterns in large data sets. Were pattern mining can lead to immense numbers of patterns per data set, pattern-based modelling is set on looking for global models of local patterns. His method “KRIMP” enables scientist, companies and medical staff to identify patterns in their data set which actually describes useful information.


The programme:  

17:00 Walk-in
17:30 Opening
17:35 Call to action:
High-throughput image analysis on cell lines
Rick Overleeft & Sander van Boom (Filterless)
17:45 BioPartner update:
Partnering with pharma: blessing or curse?
Dr. Andre Hoekma, Senior Vice President Corporate Development (Galapagos)
18:00 Making pigs fly:
Patterns that Matter
Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, Senior Researcher in Data Mining (LIACS)
18:15 Discussion & take home messages
18:30 Drinks (until 19:00)


The BioPartner Accelerator foyer, BioPartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21.

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