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SmB 48 – October 12th

On Thursday October 12th, we will host the seventh café of 2017. This month’s edition will be loaded with business with fascinating science as backbone, see our speaker announcements below for the low-down! As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Joost Frenken
Leiden Probe Microscopy

Leiden Probe Microscopy BV develops tools for in situ surface science with a strong focus o n scanning probe microscopy and x-ray diffraction. Our products are used for in situ studies in the fields of thin film growth, surface chemistry, catalysis, chemical vapour deposition, and basic surface science.




Pieter Reitsma


Factor Xa coagulants are taken by millions of patients world-wide for the prevention and treatment of thrombosis and stroke, but as a side effect severe bleeding often occurs. PseudoXa, the lead product of VarmX, is capable of stopping and preventing such bleedings thus making the usage of anticoagulants much safer.



Watse Sybesma
University of Utrecht

In my Ph.D. research the emphasis has been put on understanding features of non-relativistic quantum field theories at various coupling strengths. I have mainly been involved in the following two avenues of investigation, namely:

  • The bottom-up approach of the holographic duality (which relates problems in strongly coupled field theories to computations in general relativity)
  • Pure field theoretic computations and the consideration of hydrodynamics

Location & Time

17:00 walk-in, 17:30 start
BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.

We’re happy to see you! Please let us know if you plan to do so.


An impression of the Cafe

More photo’s can be found on Facebook.