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SmB 50 – Sports Special – December 14th

December 14th we will surprise you with an SmB first, a sports themed special cafe! Not only is this the last cafe of the year, it is also our 50th so far so we intend to make it a special one. Are you interested to find out how Sports and Science combine into an interesting afternoons worth of speakers? Find out below!

Note that this special cafe will be hosted in HUBspot and include drinks and stamppot. We also have more surprises for you this evening in a slightly longer programme that will start at 17:00 and will end at 19:00, so stay tuned for more updates!


Daan Bregman – TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute

The focus of the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute is mainly on designing sports products aimed at improving sporting performance during events, reducing the risk of injury, and to improve training. Besides innovative products, improvements in resistance characteristics, power transfer and efficiency can also help to improve top-level sporting performance. Crucial to the design process is a sound analysis of posture, movement, and learning and adaptation processes and the role the product plays in the interaction between the athlete and his or her environment.



Arie-Willem de LeeuwLeiden University Sports Data Centre

In recent years, Data Science has become more and more important in the context of professional sports and movement. At the Sport Data Center there are numerous projects, where Data Scientists work together with several sport organizations. In this talk I will mainly focus on a recent example where we worked together with the KNVB to gather and also analyze the data of the matches during the European Football Championship for women.

Jules HeubergerCentre for Human Drug Research

Jules Heuberger is the first author of a recent Lancet publication that has found evidence that EPO might not work in well-trained cyclists. The paper shines interesting new light on the way we look at doping in sports and shows an easy and safe method of testing the effects of such drugs in human volunteers.

Special guest & moderator Arnoud Greidanus

The Science meets Business Special ‘Science meets Sports’ will be moderated by the researcher and international rowing athlete Arnoud Greidanus. He won multiple medals as part of the Dutch rowing team and researched drag reduction for watersports at the TU Delft. With his background in both Science and Sports, Arnoud is able to ask the right questions and moderate the right discussions.

Location & Time

17:00 walk-in, 17:30 start
Langegracht 70
2312 NV, Leiden

We’re happy to see you! Please let us know if you plan to do so.


An impression of the Cafe (also check out the previous special on Robotics!)

More photo’s can be found on Facebook.