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SmB Cafe + annual BBQ | June 8th

It’s time for our annual BBQ again!



Science meets Business (SmB) and Science Based Business (SBB) teamed up again for this special and yummy event, where we invite SBB alumni as our speakers, to not only get an insight into interesting science based companies and their work and/or research, but also into the career of the speakers, which started out the same way as a lot of our attending students.

Learn, get inspired, network, enjoy and especially for the business interested science students: find an internship! Representatives from interesting and relevant companies will be present to talk to, ask questions and maybe even get a follow-up with. But only if you want to! Otherwise you can just only enjoy the cafe and catch-up with those you have chatted with before at SmB or SBB.

(Note: This event is for all people interested Science meets Business and Science Based Business, our regulars, our ‘Club’, students, PhD’s, sponsors and so on. No-one is excluded because of this ‘special theme’.)

Speakers & Sponsors

Three SBB and Faculty of Science alumni will be presenting their career after SBB and what science in business they are practicing. Among these are

Main sponsors: Science Based Business | QuintilesIMS


SponsorsKplusV | Northpool | Sigma Aldrich by Merck | DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals


17:00 – Walk-in
17:30 – Start presentations
18:30 – Drinks & Walk-in BBQ
19:00 – Opening BBQ
19:15 – A word by sponsors


BioPartner 1 (Foyer and garden)
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH Leiden


Rain dances.
We accept a lot except for rain.*

*We will be lenient and have tents in case the rain dances fail, though. 

Want to join?

The event is free, but on RSVP basis only.
No RSVP == No Food (unless there are leftovers of course).

The Cafe and BBQ are full… 🙁
There are still spots for the BBQ! 🙂

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SmB 45 – May 11th 2017

On Thursday May 11th, we will host the fourth café of 2017. As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Vincent Ulmer – From Japan studies via Linguistics to Chat bots (BotBoys)Vincent Ulmer

Having a background in Japan studies (BA) and Theoretic cognitive linguistics (MA), Vincent Ulmer now is a chatbots entrepreneur that has been accepted in the Rockstart Accelerator programme. To what extent does he use his study and research? What is the role of a humanities researcher leading a software company?

Tijmen Blankevoort – Enabling anyone to teach an AI (Scyfer)Tijmen Blankevoort

Scyfer is creating the next generation of Artificial Intelligence applications. Our AI enables anyone to teach it by simple interaction, making intelligence broadly accessible in many different industries. We bring together the best European experts in machine learning to solve real business challenges. Clients include TATA Steel, ING, Ahold Delhaize, ABN Amro, Akzo Nobel, and many more.

Tijmen Blankevoort is co-founder and CTO of Scyfer, a spin-off company of th
e University of Amsterdam specialized in bringing Artificial Intelligence to business. Tijmen bridges the gap between complex AI developments and practical applications in the business world by working towards his vision: Enabling anyone to teach an AI.

Henk Hoekstra – The dark side of the Universe (Leiden Observatory)Henk Hoekstra

We have made tremendous progress in measuring the basic properties of the Universe. However, this has not led to a better understanding: most of the matter is believed to be invisible and the biggest puzzle of all is the observation that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. This is, however, exciting as we know that are discoveries to be made. Many ideas have been developed, but better measurements are needed. A major step forward will be Euclid, an ESA mission designed to study the dark side of the Universe. Dr. Hoekstra presents the challenges we face, and how we plan to address these. With this research, Dr. Hoekstra was awarded the prestigious Vici grant.


BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.

We’re happy to see you! Please let us know if you plan to do so.


An impression of the Cafe

More photo’s can be found on Facebook.